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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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demands for the city and police.a black man shot by officers earlier this month. why several groups say there is a trend of "injustice." a husband and wife killed in a house fire.what neighbors heard as they were running toward the scene. a southern ohio pastor shot to death in his own church. parishioners witness the tragedy. 01:01:34 - 01:01:37he went back in our pastors officer and i heard two shots shotseven more shocking is *who* is behind bars. celebrating oscars sunday!
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tri-staters ready for hollywood's biggest night.and what to expect on nine on your side all evening long. first at six - dozens demand justice for black lives lost during encounters with police. these activists cite a shooting from earlier this month in cheviot. 9 on your side's rose-ann aragon was at a march - held by black lives matter - and other groups. she's live with their demands tonight -- rose-ann? the rally and march started at western hills high school--and continued here to district 3 police headquarters -- the groups demanded accountability---and expressed a lack of trust between officers and the community. community.the group highlighted situations of injustice--citing specifically two black men--the first -- paul gaston-- a man who died after being shot 9 times by officer-- this caught on video-- after he allegedly ignored their's directions to lie flat on the floor. the police chief saying he appeared to retrieve a weapon from his waisteband--which ended up being an airsoft pistol--activists now saying
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-- the 37-year-old was murdered---and pointed out a situation from a *day *earlier-- where a white man, chris laugle, pointed a toy gun at police but instead was *arrested. ---also at this rally--the family of melvin murray jr. the man who died in crash in north fairmount-- after fleeing police in september last year-- the family says-- police were targeting him-- and cursed at him as he was dying--offering little help. murray's nephew and mother sending this message. (***omar boyd - murray's nephew****)"i want everyone to know that we're all the same even though we aren't the same color. we all came from the same god."(***robyn scott- murray's mother****)"it's getting the word out. it's letting the story out and letting everyone know what the cops do do behind your back." back."with signs the group called for the firing, indictment and arrest of police officers involved in both cases as well as the firing of the mayor and hamilton county prosecutor. now there were not arrests-- the march seemed to go peacefully-- but these families say they won't have
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peace until they feel someone is held accountable for their loved ones deaths. reporting live ra 9 oys. new developments on that deadly fire in adams county.. crews tell nine on your side a husand and wife were killed in a house happened early this morning at the home on state route 125 in blue creek. that's in the far east side of the county. we're told the victims are 66- year-old carl hochchild junior ... and 61-year-old cynthia hochchild. their son and his wife - who were also inside the home, escaped. neighbors tell us they heard screams - but there was little they could do to help. 16:08 - 16:11"i'll never forget her screaming like that, never forget that"13:26 - 13:33"it was terrible see because flames were shooting 50 feet in the air .. cc it was like a tinderbox" tinderbox"the fire started at about two this morning.still no word on how it started. all new on nine on your side at six...
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a pastor was shot to death inside a dayton, ohio church. this is the scene outside saint peter's missionary baptist church.according to our partners at w-h-i-o in dayton -- witnesses say the shooting happened at the pulpit while the choir was singing. the victim is 71- year-old william schooler. the suspect is his brother, 69- year-old daniel schooler. witnesses inside the church were brought to tears by what they saw... 01:01:24 - 01:01:37"we had a gentleman come in and he went to sit down ... cc i heard two shots." shots." pastor schooler had previously served as an interim president of the dayton public schools board of education. we'll continue to bring you new
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the focus of today's weather will be the strong southwest winds and warm temperatures. we'll see highs under mostly sunny skies in the mid to upper 60s today. this puts us 200 above average!rain chances return tonight, but not until after 8 p.m. this is due to a weak cold front heading our way. showers will end before the morning rush tomorrow. temperatures monday will fall back into the low to mid-50s which is still above the
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the biggest night in hollywood is finally here... only on nine on your side - you can watch the 88th academy awards... awards...the stars will be walking the red carpet in just about one're looking at some of the final touches happening ahead of the big night. happening right now at the hilton cincinnati netherland hotel - it's hometown hollywood.this is a live look at the gala which benefits people working cooperatively. the night of glamour will ultimately help low-income residents and the elderly live safely in their homes. 9 on your side anchors craig mckee and julie dolan will emcee the event. you'll see complete coverage on nine on your side at 11 - after the oscars.
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movie lovers - this is the the night for you!oscar coverage begins right after world news with "live from the red carpet" followed by the oscars at 8:30. and keep watching for the late news on nine on your side - and jimmy kimmel live: after the oscars. during our late news - we'll have a special inside look at film-making in the tri-state. anchor tanya o-rourke shows you how cincinnati is becoming the hollywood of the midwest. we'll show you the places around town that filmmakers use to make movie magic! a loss today for the muskies after that jaw-dropping win against number one seed villanova. villanova.xavier lost today to the seton hall pirates 81 to 90.ken broo has the highlights of the game and what it means for the musketeers- coming up in sports. next at six - killed the first day on the job. officer just sworn in - murdered. two other officers shot.we'll tell you the
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he's giving ohio a information from governor john kasich -- and how much longer his campaign will last with just five more candidates in
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sworn in as an officer on friday - killed in the line of duty on saturday. this is a heart-breaking story out of virginia.police say officer ashley "guindon"was on her first day of patrol yesterday.she and two other officers responded to a domestic violence call from the wife of army staff sergeant ronald hamilton. police say hamilton shot all three officers as soon as they arrived - killing the rookie officer. "she really had a passion to serve others, and went above and beyond herself" herself"hamilton had previously served in the marine corps reserve.he's currently assigned to the pentagon.he's scheduled to be in court tomorrow.the other
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two officers are expected to be okay. in democracy 2016 - ohio governor john kasich says if he doesn't win ohio - his presidential race will be over. over.the governor and g-o-p presidential candidate says it's critical for anyone left in the race to win their home state. kasich says he's confident he can win over ohio voters come the march 15 primary - but if he doesn't - he will call it quits. kasich says he'll support whoever becomes the republican nominee. :03 - :17"we're all in the arena. and i will show respect to the person that emerges from that arena. i believe it will be me, but at the end of the day, i'm going to support that person who went through the arena and became the nominee." nominee."on the democratic side - hillary clinton has greater control in the race against bernie sanders after a huge win in south carolina yesterday. coming up, ken broo is in tonight with the latest in sports. sports.did xavier lose more than just a ballgame today?
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the case. sports is coming up. your seven day forecast is next. here's a reminder one more time - of what you'll see tonight on nine on your side. oscar coverage continues right
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you're watching 9 on your side at 6 the focus of today's weather will be the strong southwest winds and warm temperatures. we'll see highs under mostly sunny skies in the mid to upper 60s today. this puts us 200 above average!rain chances return tonight, but not until after 8 p.m. this is due to a weak cold front heading our way. showers will end before the morning rush tomorrow. temperatures monday will fall
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back into the low to mid-50s which is still above the
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xavier is a very good team.
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ncaa tournament and it could still be a number one seed.... anytime someone starts off saying that you know what's coming next.....but....if it plays in the tournament like it did today in new jersey, all of that is off the table. 'x' gave up '90' to seton hall. seton hall hasn't scored that many points in one game all season. seton hall started the game on a 9-0 run. desi rodriguez and angel delgado were a load for xavier today. rodriguez with the miss. delgado with the clean up. and a whistle. xavier had it's here when larry austin, junior splits the defense. it was his only bucket of the dayrodriguez just dined on xavier's inability to deal with him. the ally opp from isaiah whitehead. he finsiehd nine of 16 and with 27-points.and delgado was eight of eleven, seven of those baskets from inside the arc, twelve rebounds as well.and xavier, at times, was simply sloppy with theball. myles davis, his pass picked off by ismael sanogo. who gets the ball going the other way to derrick gordon. so you had whitehead
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rodriguez with's rodriguez one more time. seton hall holds xavier to 39 percent shooting. seton hall outrebounds xavier and hands the musketeers their fourth loss of the season. 90-81 was the final. and last night steph curry added to his legendc. he now holds the top three sports on the single eason three point list. and this was his 288th three point shot this year. from tulsa, not oklahoma city to give the warriors an overtime win over the thunder. curry broke his record, set last year by two...with a 24-games to go this year. he also tied the rba record for most three pointers in a game. he made 12-of the 16-he took last night. coming up, we have a pretty good idea of whom will be the reds opening day starting pitcher.....and jay bruce, amazingly is still with the reds, when nine on your side
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a week ago today, jay bruce looked like a guy who had to call the movers. his name was central in a three team deal that seemed all but complete. bruce to toronto. the angels were in volved. the reds were supposed to get prospects. but one of those prospects had a suspect medical record. and so tonight, bruce, for the moment remains with the reds.not all
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to be a rough year. we all know that. so why not ride with the guy for awhile and see if bruce's worth rises as the season goes along. better prospects, fewer suspects. makes sense. it doesn't make it all that comfortable for a guy now just 29 and in his eleventh reds spring training camp. but he'll make his 12-and a half million dollars this season....if not here, than somewhere. bruce is the consumate gentleman. he's taking the high road in all of this, understanding the business side of the game. i guess when you're making that kinda dough, it's easier to be philosphocal about your status. but when we talked with him this week out in arizona, he did seem sincere. trt is what it is."((bruce: try not to read too much into it. but i am a human being. its the business of it all. i've said a lot of times. the reds are doing what they can. to try and improve the organization. if me being involved with it... it is what it is.))
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bruce has a limited no trade claus in his contract....which means he can block a trade to certain teams. but this is how bad the market has gotten for him. the rangers who were looking for corner outfield help, elected to sign ian desmond today. desmond has been an infielder most of his career. but the rangers will play him in left field this season. maybe the rangers didn't want to part with players in their minor league system for bruce. desmond will be cheaper. he'll make eight mil this the way, jon moscot and brandon finnegan will pitch in tuesday spring opener. anthony desclafani starts game three this that would set him up to be the opening day pitcher. in atlanta, matt kenseth had the lead in this race until his gas guy commits the unthinkable: while the gas can is still engaged and fueling, the gas guy lays a wrench on the back of kenseth's ride. you can't do, when the nascar smart guys get hip to that...the black flag comes out. kenseth was essentially out of the 41 laps to go. left side of your screen. kevin harvick, the leader at
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this point pits under green. and that gives the lead to jimmie johnson. johnson appeared headed for a win until, with three laps to go, ryan newman blows a tire. that brings out just the second caution flag of the day. so on the restart...this is considred overtime in nascar. johnson has the lead and holds off a surging kyle busch. and despte a crash at the back of the race, johnson wins his 76th sprint cup win tying him with the legendary dale earnhardt...whom johnson honored with three fingers out the window. junior finished second, kyle busch third. you are taking a live look from hollywood.the countdown to the oscars - down to about two hours.the ceremony starts
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at 8:30. you can see the ceremony only on 9 on your side. that's 9 on your side at six for this sunday.we're always on with breaking news and
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welcome to "world news tonight." two days until super tuesday. but first, a racially charged controversy for donald trump. critics claiming trump refused to condemn the ku klux klan. >> don't tell me he doesn't know who the ku klux klan is. >> now, trump fighting back. hillary clinton in a landslide win over bernie sanders in south carolina. >> i believe that america is great, right now. >> sanders admitting he was decimated. but vowing, he's not out. rookie officer killed. the female police officer gunned


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